This class is designed to create an active interest and appreciation in music for young beginners while providing the studentĀ  with a solid foundation for more advanced music education. In addition to playing the keyboard, classroom musical activities will encourage creativity, discipline, music appreciation, and help instill the basis for playing and expression through feeling and understanding music.
Ages 4-5

Intro to Keyboard

This class utilizes interactive technology to create a fun and unique learning experience for keyboard students. Young musicians will learn basic piano skills, note reading and apply musical theory to learn improvisation and how to compose music.
Ages 6-7 / 8-9

Keyboard 101 / RockSchool Core Class

(Prerequisite for RockSchool)
This course is a great alternative to traditional piano methods that assume every student wants to be a classical pianist. Students learn about note reading, chord progressions, scales, syncopation and improvisation while playing music ranging from Bach to Rock.
Ages 10-12 / 13-Adult