Intro to Guitar

This course will introduce younger students to basic rhythm and strumming patterns. Students will also learn how to read rhythm notation, tab and understand beginning chord theory. In an ensemble atmosphere, students will gain a keen sense for harmony, tempo and dynamics.

Ages 7-9 / 10-12

Guitar 101 / RockSchool Core Class

(Prerequisite for RockSchool)
In this course students will play along with pre-recorded backing tracks as the instructor walks you through the individual parts of a song, demonstrating required playing techniques at the same time that lyrics, chords, music, and tablature are laid out. Students will study chord theory, rhythm, creating melodic lines and shaping sound.
Ages 13-Adult

Bass 101 / RockSchool Core Class

(Prerequisite for RockSchool)
This course is designed to introduce all the elements that a beginner bass player would need to get out and play live quickly. Students will cover basic techniques, learning the bass and the fingerboard, working on your meter, constructing simple bass lines, slap/pop techniques, and playing with a drummer by interacting with students from Drum 101 classes.
Ages 8-11 / 12-Adult